Data Recovery (File Recovery)

There are many ways you can lose the ability to access your data (files). Computer crashes, accidentally clicking delete, and file corruption are the most common ways to lose access to your data. Whether your files were on a computer, digital camera memory card, USB memory stick, etc., there is often a good chance that these files can be recovered through our advanced file and data recovery service.

Data recovery is a complex process involving specialized software that scans the source of your data for your missing, hidden, or corrupted files. Data recovery typically takes multiple hours due to the fact that usually hundreds of thousands to millions of files have to be scanned through to locate the data that is desired.

Although data recovery services take a few hours, we Rockland County Computer Repair Services, offer very affordable data recovery services that typically take no more than one day to complete. As usual with us, customers that are in Rockland County can take advantage of our free pickup and delivery service. We will pick up your computer, memory stick, USB drive, etc., and will bring it back to you when the service has been completed. There’s no need to drag anything to the store anymore!

If you would like to use our data (file) recovery services, call us at (845) 642-2462 or use our contact form to E-Mail us and we will work with you to get your data recovered.

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